June 2007 Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick | Group Show
Spectrum - Sphere of Influence - Organised Chaos

I decided to use steel as my canvas to change my attitude towards my paintings. Less precious giving me the freedom to experiment. This work is a figuration of non-figurative movements, emotions and actions made through experimentation and careful decision-making. Each piece containing human attributes. Each painting can be read as a human face, being, gesture or posture, individual to the viewer.
I wanted to look at the more spiritual issue of beauty through art. I have realized that however much we try; nature and time are factors that cannot be changed. But with age comes a unique beauty, which only comes from experience. Something can be considered aesthetically beautiful even though it is clear that destruction is taking place.
Through abstraction it gave me the freedom to create works dealing with time and beauty in a softer way. Letting it form the way nature intended through wonders the effects the material creates.

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Elements of Chance- I came, I poured, it formed
Elements of Time- Natural decay can be beautiful-
We are elements of this world and even though on a grander scale are lives are minute each one is as significant as the other. It is fact we grow old. Time changes our aesthetics no matter how much we cover up the out layer. This is represented by Elements of Time. “Because I am it is”, is a description of where I am in my life. Because I am who I am, through people who have been my influence, experiences and lessons, my life is what it is. Life is about planned chance. These paintings are my biography.
Elements of Man- Movement frozen in time- This painting has been named, Elements of Man . It is my abstract view of the world we live in. If you look around today most lives are in constant contact with elements of man. We seem to have exchanged living in the present for our constant want for the tomorrow that never comes. We live in a society of fast change, money and technological advancement.
Through a moments pause, I am looking for contemplation. The scale of Elements of Man is to encapsulate the viewer. It is six feet in height. It is to hang close to the floor. Engaging the viewer on a personal level, like looking in the mirror. Weather the viewer is four foot or over six feet tall they are looking into the now. This painting represents, man, change decay, beauty, time and the moment. That precise moment of looking, stopping and thinking.
The choice of materials for this painting were as significant to the piece as the subject matter. Canvas to me is too precious like a new born baby, too clean and too pure. I wanted to choose a base that would represent this time and change. The steel was not treated as I wanted to let natural decay take over. The painting process and gestures were fast to represent the speed of our lives. It represents a story of humanity as we know it.
An underlying question of Elements of Man is whether something that is continually changing and ‘decaying ‘can be intriguing, even beautiful just like our outer shell. This painting will change as the steel matures (our bodies), the materials will mature like our minds but whether loved by everyone or not its being (our souls) will last forever.
Elements of Purpose- I love you with all my heart - Life is for loving, without an open-heart life is not lived. This world is full of man made things going against nature but used in the right way can create something beautiful. I have tried to express this in my paintings. In each piece I represent chance, decay, love, spirit, balance, movement and the hand of man though different techniques and material effects.

I want the viewer to look at them selves and their lives in these paintings. I have aimed to create a personal language appropriate for this. The immediacy and movement that paint embodies symbolizing humanities of life. Simple elements of picture forming are obvious until you look a little closer and things begin to happen. This is done to ensure that the viewer is lead into an inquisitive mode while looking. The tiniest smears continue to tell their stories. What takes place in these paintings is not a picture or representative story but an event that has come to pass.
I want to inspire people to think about the amazement of life how precious it is. How precious people are in our lives and how precious purpose is. It is a necessity to be accountable in history for your existence.
Elements of Being- Because I am it is

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